Evaluation of Cryptocurrency before Investing

Check the White Paper

Before investing in any new project, check the white paper of the cryptocurrency where it will have an aim of the project and its use cases. This will help you to decide if it has realistic goals for the future. The investor should be quick in ascertaining whether it is from their white paper or taken from another project white paper. This happens time and again when the white paper has been copied from other projects.

Assess the Team

As an investor, you need to check the projects, backers, advisory board, and partners. This can offer a lot of information about the professionalism and maturity of the project. The main aim of this assessment is to make an informed decision about investing in cryptocurrencies to know about what they are getting into. It can be considered as a fundamental analysis before proceeding to invest in the new project. Furthermore, high-quality projects often partner with some of the industry-leading companies and they receive funding from venture capitalists from the blockchain sector.

Check the Social Media About the Project

Before investing in the new cryptocurrency project, it is important to watch the new community on social media. Here we can get to know whether the community is supporting the project and its reviews. Also, you can check with Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit where opinions of others are offered. As an investor, you should check the reviews carefully while some of them might be biased.

Verify the Project

Verifying the new cryptocurrency project is one of the major factors where the investors can analyze the token they are about to invest in. This helps in determining the token’s market value; as an investor, you should know about all the problems the token is solving. Typically, every blockchain project solves a major problem that is in demand currently thereby increasing the value of the new token.


Tokenomics (Token Economics)

One of the important factors that are vital for any Crypto project survival is based on Tokenomics. A good project with defective tokenomics can fail quickly; hence it is important to determine the success of the project. Cryptocurrencies are known for their volatility which turns them into speculative tokens instead of functional tokens. The major aim of tokenomics is to find the token’s purpose using complex techniques designed by an economist.

Long-term Plans

A new cryptocurrency will have roadmaps that offer more ideas and insights about the blockchain space and it provides the project’s long-term vision. But, the new cryptocurrency projects might also offer a fictive roadmap that cannot be disagreed with. Red flag projects can also have high-quality roadmaps that look authentic. It is difficult for technical people to find out whether the roadmap is genuine or not. Even though few projects provide detailed road maps they miss or fail to deliver the deadlines. Blockchain is a simple matter, and mistakes do happen.

Final Thoughts

Crypto trading in India has taken to next level and many crypto projects are launching every week; it is important to evaluate the new cryptocurrency projects aside from the project’s social media hype and marketing. You need to research carefully about investigating the team, future vision, and tokenomics. Also to get the first impression about the project, read about technical explanations, white paper, and the media coverage about the project. Media coverage will help the investors to conclude the new cryptocurrency project and it will offer the intention of the project.

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